UV Light with Remote Control

Timing mode: remote control electronic timing Remote control distance: 6-10m wireless through wall


Product Description


bb1.jpgbb1.jpgTiming mode: remote control electronic timing Remote control distance: 6-10m wireless through wall


1, It is forbidden to have people, animals and plants at present to avoid skin injury and eye burn caused by direct ultraviolet radiation during working time.

2, Keep the lamp surface clean before using it. If there is dust or oil on lamp, wipe it in time, or sterilization will be effected.

3, Must open the door or windows (if conditions permit) for 30-60 minutes to avoid body discomfort caused by smell and ozone after UV disinfection, and then people or animals can enter into the room


Do not look the UV light source directly during working time! It can burn people's eyes and skin. Please leave the irradiation area with animals and plants to ensure safety. It is recommended to ventilate for more than 30-60 minutes after using!

Please make sure the pet does not touch the sterilizing lamp and cause damage when disinfecting the pet house. If there are high value or important items please use cloth or other things to shield them to avoid damage.

Disinfection time

Room area≈10 ㎡≈20 ㎡≈30 ㎡≈40 ㎡
Recommended disinfection time15 min30min30 min60 min


Turn on and off light to start lamp for 3 times in row (without remote control) Do not look the ultraviolet light source directly when turn on and in during working time

Remote control operating

1, Start power switch and press "" on remote control to start, select and press timing of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The light flashes once and the timing starts, leave the disinfection room and close the door to avoid ultraviolet irradiation.

2, Press ""on the remote control if need to suspend UV exposure temporarily

3, The lamp will turn off automatically and return to the shutdown state after disinfection according to the selected time. Customer service instructions

Dear customers, thank you for choosing our products. Please keep products packaging properly. Please ensure package and accessories complete and not affect the secondary sales when returning or exchanging. The missing parts will get costs if not.

Return and exchange:

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2, When returning the products Please well packed and attach a piece of paper to indicate the shopping ID, order number, return reason and return address, our after-sales colleagues will handle your return requirements in time.

From the date of purchase: you have 1 year free maintain service, not including the following circumstances.

1, Damage caused by non-compliance with the instructions;

2, Damage caused by using non-original accessories;

3, Damage caused by disassemble, repair and modification without permission;

4, Damage caused by force feature such as human factors or natural disasters;

5, Failure to show valid purchase certificate or beyond warranty period;

6, Product corroded or polluted seriously; Please contact our customer service if need any help!